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Ironsword - Overlords Of Chaos (10/10) - Portugal - 2008

Genre: Epic Metal
Label: Shadow Kingdom Records
Playing time: 57:01
Band homepage: Ironsword


  1. Death Of The Gods
  2. And Ending In Fire
  3. Overlords Of Chaos
  4. Blood And Honor
  5. Cimmeria
  6. Wrath Of Crom
  7. Hyperborean Hordes
  8. Road Warriors
  9. Fear The Night
  10. Dark Shadows Of Stygia
  11. Crown Of Iron
  12. Call Of Cthulu
  13. The Pyre Of Kings
Ironsword - Overlords Of Chaos

Yessss! The mad Portuguese are back. The new, third album surely is one of the cult albums of 2008, that much I can promise. At least as far as the Epic and Obscure Metal party is concerned, all of them are in agreement: This album is absolutely breath-taking! Even though IRONSWORD unashamedly take the liberty of being heavily influenced by MANILLA ROAD or OMEN, it still sounds incredible. After MANILLA ROAD only write long and winding songs anymore and the crappy production destroys everything and the last good OMEN song was written in 1987, we can be happy that a band exists that unites all virtues of the fallen gods and brew their own concoction with them.


Songs like “Death Of The Gods“ or the epic title track sound more like MANILLA ROAD than the Americans themselves. “Fear The Night“ reminds me of blessed OMEN heydays and faster tracks such as “Cimmeria“ & “Wrath Of Crom“ are incredibly catchy. My personal highlight: “Road Warriors“, a song to masturbate to! I think that these songs should also be great live, they are hymnic and of course superultramega true!


What good would it do to describe each and every song, each is a highlight in itself and will enthuse the target group. Energy, freshness and a real killer production let the dicks stand straight…Hahaha. Perfect, full rating!

(Online December 31, 2008)

Ralf Henn

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