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Ablaze My Sorrow - Anger, Hate And Fury (8/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: No Fashion Records
Playing time: 39:20
Band homepage: Ablaze My Sorrow


  1. Erased/Relived
  2. Suicidal
  3. Where The Strong Lives Forever
  4. Machine Supreme
  5. Paradise
  6. Retention Of Illusion
  7. Thou Shalt Forever Suffer
  8. Shrouded Are The Pleasures Of Flesh
  9. Heartless
  10. Split Wide Open
  11. Ad Linitium
Ablaze My Sorrow - Anger, Hate And Fury
A lot thrashier than before were the elk-killers ABLAZE MY SORROW. Very aggressive and with fire in the arse they shoot their dark hymns at our ears. Sure it is very unspectacular to celebrate the next Melodic Death-band, because basically there is nothing on this album that DARK TRANQUILLITY or IN FLAMES had not done on their first two longplayers, but there for sure also are fans of this sub-genre, who want to hear exactly that and those are the ones that I want to recommend ABLAZE MY SORROW to.

They play with passion, power and hit you right into your ugly mug, without frills or unnerving experiments. At "Suicidal" even CHANNEL ZERO shine through and also KREATOR seem to be known to the guys. The high level of musicianship is held up over the whole playing time, so that I recommend that you check this one out. If I had to buy two CDs of this style this year, then I would take the new (more modern) HATESPHERE and this one. Neither DARK TRANQUILLITY nor IN FLAMES still sound that wild. And that even though ABLAZE MY SORROW already have released their third album.

You may accuse me of disliking "evolution" That's right, because for me the two top Swedish bands DARK TRANQUILLITY or IN FLAMES had their best time at "The Gallery" and "The Jester Race". Hatemails and death threats please send to my email-address! (Online November 9, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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