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Impiety - Dominator (4/10) - Singapore - 2008

Genre: Thrash Metal / Black Metal
Label: Pulverised Records
Playing time: 15:23
Band homepage: Impiety


  1. Introbliteration
  2. Slaughterror Superiority
  3. Dominator
  4. The Black Vomit (SARCOFAGO cover)
  5. At War With Temujin
Impiety - Dominator

This is my first encounter with these Singaporeans and I have to tell you that if “Dominator” is any indication of what their past work sounds like then my decision to overlook these “scene legends” all these years will be totally vindicated. I have tried to find something – anything – positive to say about these songs and so far I have come up short. Hell, other than the horribly annoying drumming there is absolutely nothing to write home about here as this shit is about as nondescript as it gets.

Yeah, it’s heavy, fast, “very Metal” and all that, but if you’re looking for good song-writing and memorable riffs then you best look elsewhere because nothing on “Dominator” is impressive. From the first strains of the clichéd battle-themed intro right through to “At War With Temujin”, IMPIETY do nothing but go through the motions (meaning doling out riffs that are third-rate Thrash fare, vocals that never vary in delivery/emotion, and near constant blast-beating that seems completely detached from what’s going on in the songs). I always find myself listening to either the riffs/vocals or the drums – they are never in unison. Couple this unfocused, bland sound with a very uneven production job which put the irritating drumming louder than anything else in the mix and you have a Grade A stinker on your hands. Take all the most annoying elements of Thrash (mainly scraggy South American Thrash) and Black Metal and you get IMPIETY - noise pollution devoid of any musical depth or worth.

I hate to sound harsh but this EP was a total waste of time (as is the case with most EPs anyway...) and I wager that this sucker will be collecting dust in the bottom half of my collection in no time.

(Online October 26, 2008)

Neil Pretorius

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