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Incarrion - Into The Exposed Abyss (5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: United Guttural Records
Playing time: 19:18
Band homepage: Incarrion


  1. The Creature Experiment
  2. The Darkest City
  3. Untangled From The Flesh
  4. Encapsulated In Ice
  5. Skeffington's Gyves
  6. Desperate Procedure
Incarrion - Into The Exposed Abyss
Anyone who's read anything by me here at TMO would know by now that I have one specific prerequisite when it comes to Death Metal and/or Grindcore: the drumming needs to be half-decent. A band can have ten zillion choppy riffs, bizarre arpeggios, slap bass lines, tempo changes, defecated vocals, all of which INCARRION have en masse, but if the drumming is this weak, sorry! Thanks but no thanks. This is like a car with no engine, and call me crazy, but first and foremost, cars are built for the purpose of transporting one from Point A to Point B? Seems likely...

Let me cover the redeeming qualities of this album...the guitarist and bassist are excellent, and obviously have a surplus of technical aptitude between them. The songs are structurally very intricate and disjointed, quite schizophrenic in fact, like sneaking a few drops of LSD into your buddy's glass of SUFFOCATION, or a couple of psilocybin mushrooms placed atop his slice of CRYPTOPSY pizza. Thanks to the drumming, though, the pizza is encrusted with blue-green mold, and the glass of SUFFOCATION expired three months ago, so your poor friend gets food poisoning while tripping no less! (huh?) I simply cannot acknowledge this as an enjoyable album with such poor drumming. Sorry dudes, this needs MAJOR work.

I will say that beneath the thick veneer of ham-fisted drum histrionics, I find some intriguing, ambitious, atypical Death Metal with decent potential! My main gripe with their songs is that they at least need some semblance of flow. There are good riffs on here, but they are too erratically interspersed with parts that are simply unnecessary, giving that dreaded "technical for the sake of it" vibe. I must say, though, that some of those crazy guitar sweeps and dissonant tonalities remind me of the DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, which is no small feat. Nice job there!

Doesn't make up for the general blandness of the album as a whole though. A little more focus in the songs, a LOT more woodshedding on the part of the drummer, and this band could become something pretty damn cool. We shall see... (Online November 10, 2002)

Gabriel Gose

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