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16 tablatures for Unearth

Unearth - The March (6/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 47:29
Band homepage: Unearth


  1. My Will Be Done
  2. Hail The Shrine
  3. Crow Killer
  4. Grave Of Opportunity
  5. We Are Not Anonymous
  6. The March
  7. Cutman
  8. The Chosen
  9. Letting Go
  10. Truth Or Consequence
Unearth - The March

With as much attention as UNEARTH has received in the last few years, one would think that they would be foundation shakers as a band. But despite a few good songs on each of their albums I have found myself constantly disappointed with the output from this band. And despite all of my hopes, their latest effort “The March” fails to impress me once again.


It is not that UNEARTH are a band that doesn’t deserve what they have achieved. They play Metalcore with a brand of conviction and hunger that deserves to be awarded in one way or another. “The March” continues in this manner with the band putting out some of their best work of their career. But the lack of originality in a genre that became oversaturated way too quickly has always sucked the life from their albums. The first half of this album is more of the same from the band. It’s the rough and tumble brand of Thrash riffs, chunky melodic leads, barked vocals, breakdowns, and snare driven drum work. It’s very similar to their previous album albeit a bit less dynamic.


But about half way through the album something new begins to creep into UNEARTH’s music. Beginning with the title track, the album takes a slight turn for the better as the band suddenly injects a healthy dose of pure Rock N Roll into their music. The track “The Chosen” was used on the “Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Move Film For Theaters” and it was surprisingly awesome. So everyone knew the band was able to inject Rock N Roll energy into the mix. Luckily in this middle section of the album, there are 4 or 5 songs that follow this style including that wonderful track. AND IT WORKS. It works so well that these songs are perhaps some of the best songs UNEARTH has ever written.


Unfortunately, the last songs dwindle back into the bread and butter Metalcore that UNEARTH normally plays. But for a brief moment, “The March” was really kicking some ass. Those songs are more dynamic, catchier, and better written then most of the material the band has written. Too bad it’s only a few songs otherwise “The March” could have be an amazing album. Only a handful of great songs can’t create a great album.


“The March” as a whole, just doesn’t live up to what the band can do. That middle section of the album makes this album worth the listen but I could do with an entire album of that kind of material. With as much energy and focus that this band has I honestly do want them to succeed. And perhaps that new style we heard is the future of UNEARTH. I certainly hope so.


Songs to check out: “The March”, “Cutman”, “The Chosen”.

(Online November 1, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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