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Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh (10/10) - France - 2008

Genre: Progressive Death Metal / Groove Metal
Label: Prosthetic Records
Playing time: 75:07
Band homepage: Gojira


  1. Oroborus
  2. Toxic Garbage Island
  3. A Sight To Behold
  4. Yama’s Messengers
  5. The Silver Cord
  6. All The Tears
  7. Adoration For None
  8. The Art Of Dying
  9. Esoteric Surgery
  10. Vacuity
  11. Wolf Down The Earth
  12. The Way Of All Flesh
Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh

Death Metal has never been known for its subtlety. Brash, brutal, and in-your-face describe Death Metal but subtle has never been a wide descriptor of the genre. So whenever you listen to GOJIRA it is always a unique experience. Because unlike any other Death Metal band in existence today, GOJIRA combines subtle techniques with their brutal force in a perfect balance of power and art.


So it’s not surprising that their latest album, “The Way Of All Flesh” is possibly one of the best Metal albums of the year. Continuing off with the amazing work they displayed on their last album, “The Way Of All Flesh” is both a stunning piece of music as art and also one of the most explosive releases from the band to date.


Perhaps my love of GOJIRA comes from their reluctance to follow any kind of boundaries. Not that they ever have, but “The Way Of All Flesh” has the band at its catchiest and most varied yet. Whether it’s the complex and aggressive riffing of “Toxic Garbage Island” or the simplistic (yet very effective) structure of “Vacuity” this band plays a lot with tempo changes and different focuses. The band even throws in a song using extensive Techno beats and distorted vocals and bass on “A Sight To Behold” and for some odd reason it works ridiculously well. That’s GOJIRA for you.


It’s hard to express what this album sounds like in words. It’s Death Metal with injections of Groove, Thrash, and a healthy dose of Progressive nuances that make every song a new experience. This is GOJIRA simply being themselves. One really should just go out and buy this album right away – it’s that good. Even though their entire back catalog is quite amazing, “The Way Of All Flesh” is their best work to date in my opinion. It’s just the best that the band could do at this time and it works on every level. Repeat listenings will always bring a new layer to light and it’s still catchy enough to grab your attention on first spin. Whether it’s the heavy riffing or the eclectic drum nature there is something new to enjoy with each listen.


“The Way Of All Flesh” is everything I wanted and expected for GOJIRA and more. It’s also interesting to hear Randy Blythe (vocalist for LAMB OF GOD) contribute his vocals to “Adoration For None” which turns out to be one of the best tracks on the album. It’s sharp, angry, and very brutal. A great cut on a great album.


Already I can tell that “The Way Of All Flesh” is going to be up for my favorite album of the year. With its driven focus, top of the line performances, and expansive range GOJIRA have only given us the best with this album. It’s a must buy for any fan of Metal prowess and it’s a listen for everybody.

Songs to check out: “
Toxic Garbage Island”, “Adoration For None”, “Esoteric Surgery”.

(Online November 2, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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