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Spylacopa - Debut EP (8,5/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Post Rock / Experimental
Label: Rising Pulse Records
Playing time: 23:24
Band homepage: Spylacopa


  1. Haunting A Ghost
  2. Bloodletting
  3. Together We Become Forever
  4. Staring At The Sound
  5. I Should Have Known You Would
Spylacopa - Debut EP

SPYLACOPA is a studio project featuring members of ISIS, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, CANDIRIA and MADE OUT OF BABIES. If you are familiar with these bands, or at least a portion of them, you can imagine that this would be something interesting. If not, I suggest you check the aforementioned bands as well, because they are all awesome! (If you’ve heard those bands, skip the review and go to the bottom).


As expected, SPYLACOPA plays an unorthodox and unpredictable (how’s that for irony) form of…okay, what the hell is that sub-genre of Rock which is heavy but doesn’t have the Metal aesthetic, a bit different but not quite Alternative, not really Stoner, not really Avant-garde despite being outside the box thinking? Post Metal, maybe? Then again, calling something “Post Metal” probably implies that I’m lazy and that I’m trying to look for some sort of cop-out answer.


ANYWAY, the album starts off with the hectic off-beat pattern on “Haunting A Ghost” (think DEP), and it doesn’t let up from there. I will say that it goes through everything. Haunting chord patterns, repetitious dirges, very funky yet heavy riffing, using sound effects in a musical context…I don’t feel like listing the laundry list of what the band does musically, but the debut EP goes from being very calm and serene on “Together We Become Forever” to using odd time signatures, dissonance and tortured vocals to create this psychotic atmosphere where it feels like everything is about to fall apart at any second (“Haunting A Ghost”).


What’s best, though, is that the music is catchy. Despite going from one end of the musical spectrum to the other, there is still this element of immediacy, where despite how discordant, crazy and jarring the music starts getting, it just sticks in your head and will not let go. The vocals are probably the cause of this, because they can somehow take these unorthodox sounds and songs, and somehow add this Pop level of catchiness to them simply because of their vocal lines.


Now, if you’ve heard some of the above mentioned bands, imagine that SPYLACOPA is the bastard child created when all four bands mate and the pregnant soul is fed meth until the birth.


Go to their Myspace page, link provided on top. These guys are worth a listen or two, especially if you like an unorthodox approach to your Metal/Rock.


Guys, when is the full length coming out?

(Online November 3, 2008)

Armen Janjanian

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