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Black Hawk - The Invasion (8,5/10) - Germany - 2008

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Karthago Records
Playing time: 47:20
Band homepage: Black Hawk


  1. The Landing
  2. Fire In The Night
  3. Burning Fever
  4. Detroit Rock City
  5. Rock And Roll Hell
  6. Light From Outerspace (Instr.)
  7. First Attack Part 2
  8. The Invasion
  9. Twilight Zone (New Version)
  10. Hellfire
  11. C.B.F.H.
  12. Eye Of The Hurricane (New Version)
Black Hawk - The Invasion

For the minority that objects to epic monumental operas that mostly only bring extended boredom, the third album of BLACK HAWK is perfect. Your heart still beats for the simply structured Heavy Metal of the 80s? Especially the music of German bands such as GRAVESTONE, HIGH TENSION, NOISEHUNTER or ATTACK let your eyes shine? Then you are part of a tiny little group of fans that surely also loves BLACK HAWK with all fervour, right?


If not, then you should hurry up! Okay, these Metal bards are not among the most aggressive, fastest or even most innovative acts of this planet, but nobody expects that either. But if you don’t want any stress and shake your ever-waning mane of hair to simple melodies and crunchy riffs, then this album is perfect. After a short intro we already get the CD’s highlight with “Fire In The Night”, an ass-kicker that even STEELER could not have done any better. With “Burning Fever” follows a viscous rocker that even conjures up comparisons with “Burning Heart” by HIGH TENSION. And thus the album continues. There are plenty of cross references to other heroes and underdogs of the Metal history and as many good riffs, great harmony leads and nice melodies.

Fun is definitely in the foreground for these guys, which is not only evident in the superb KISS cover of “Detroit Rock City”. The production is good, but not pompous and the only thing I can say about the front cover is that it will stand out from the masses. Who knows the second ILIUM cover knows what I am talking about.

(Online December 22, 2011)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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