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Marduk - Dark Endless (8/10) - Sweden - 1993

Genre: Black Metal
Label: No Fashion Records
Playing time: 30:09
Band homepage: Marduk


  1. Still Fucking Dead - Here's No Peace
  2. The Sun Turns Black As Night
  3. Within The Abyss
  4. The Funeral Seem To Be Endless
  5. Departure From The Mortals
  6. The Black
  7. Dark Endless
  8. Holy Inquisition
Marduk - Dark Endless
Named after a Babylonian deity, MARDUK have been founded 1990 by Håkansson. The first musical sign of life had been the 1991 demo "Fuck Me Jesus", which later was re-release on CD.

The first album "Dark Endless" came out in 1993 and the name of MARDUK spread like a wildfire. Besides the demo-tracks there were 5 new, blasphemic attacks, which at the time had been among the roughest and most perverse overall. Still more Death Metallic than later, but already a definitive part of the black guild. Especially the guitar-sound still was quite close to the typical Swedish Death, the vocals and blast-parts rather tended towards Black Metal.

Lyrically they did not take any cover and spread Satanist ideology. The super-black hymns are true cult and MARDUK never really changed their style. As a fan you won't get around the debut and people, who'd like to know how the panzer division had sounded back then should absolutely check out this one.

To all others, here are no keyboards, no female vocals, but mostly blasts. But that's what we want to hear, right? Even back then MARDUK had been a force. (Online November 13, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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