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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - CHIMAIRA - Resurrection

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Chimaira - Resurrection (9/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Groove Thrash
Label: Ferret Music
Playing time: 59:06
Band homepage: Chimaira


  1. Resurrection
  2. Pleasure In Pain
  3. Worthless
  4. Six
  5. No Reason To Live
  6. Killing The Beast
  7. The Flame
  8. End It All
  9. Black Heart
  10. Needle
  11. Empire
Chimaira - Resurrection

CHIMAIRA have always had this hidden talent up their sleeves. And their full potential has never been really shown because of some sort of hindrance on the band. Whether it was the Nu Metal focus of the first album or the forced epic feeling of their last one, something has always held this band back. I now hope, after listening to their fourth album, “Resurrection”, that something is holding back their full potential, because this album is a massive and monster leap for the band and their best to date. If they are still holding something back then that just means this is just a taste of what’s to come.


I don’t know whether to believe what the band said about being hindered by Roadrunner Records prior to this album, but if it brought this much energy and pushed the band this far then I can’t imagine it was all bad. “Resurrection” is the first album for the band on new label Ferret Music and there does seem to be a sense of freedom on this album they haven’t had before. A willingness to experiment like adding a tinge of Black Metal element to “Empire” or going for a straight Thrash song like “Worthless” are just some of the new experimental elements. But with all of these new trials, it all works for the album in the end.


At the core, “Resurrection” is CHIMAIRA’s darkest and most pissed off album to date. It just seethes off of every track. Add to this that the band has their most aggressive music writing (and perhaps the band is almost fully Thrash now) and some of the best performances and this album just has a great energy and feeling. It doesn’t hurt that the band is just getting better when it comes to playing too.


One of the flaws of their last album was their borderline Death Metal drumming on it, but with the return of Andols Herrick behind the kit the drumming once again fits the band. And his performance is awesome on “Resurrection”. Both guitarists and bassist Thrash and pummel their way through the album too with some great rhythms and riffs. They have even increased the use of Spicuzza on electronics again for this album, but his focus seems to be mostly atmosphere and it works out amazing for the band. His clean vocals that counteract Mark Hunter’s roaring are used in a more fruitful fashion too. Everything the band does well has been used to better this album. Why haven’t they done this before?


This is CHIMAIRA at their best yet. It shows every side of the band (there are even some great melodic parts to help balance the aggression) at the band’s best. “Resurrection” is a huge step for them and if they just run with it, I don’t know if they could honestly do wrong.  


Songs to check out:  “Resurrection”, “Six”, “Empire”. 

(Online November 23, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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