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Uninvited Guest - Malice In Wonderland (5,5/10) - Great Britain - 2008

Genre: Glam Rock / Gothic / Electro Rock
Label: Maddening Media
Playing time: 48:13
Band homepage: Uninvited Guest


  1. Mother Nature Made A Monster
  2. Abigail
  3. Strange Gothic Romance
  4. The Law Of The Playground
  5. Sombre Defile
  6. Your Private Hell
  7. Join The Dance
  8. Still I Miss The Man
  9. You Are Your Kingdom
  10. Jack Dandy
  11. Human
  12. Wonderland
  13. Double Dare (Bonus Track)
Uninvited Guest - Malice In Wonderland

Did you ever sit down with a CD and go “Dude, I like this!”... “Dude, am I supposed to like this?”... “I really shouldn´t be enjoying this!”. This is one of those sessions, I struggled for awhile but eventually decided that this band definitely sounds unique... in various horrible ways! No matter how queer they might sound to my ears, there´s no denying the musical diversity that embeds UNINVITED GUEST´s peculiar Gothic Glam Rock. Since breaking into the public in 2005, the English group has gained more and more recognition due to their uniqueness, imagine and soundwise.


I´m not sure what to think... this isn´t exactly a sound that speaks to me in profound ways. Pretty far removed from anything that´s close to Metal as we know it today, UNINVITED GUEST are influenced by various eighties Rock genres. Their sound ranges from Shock Rock, Glam Rock, standard Rock Music to QUEEN like multi-layered Pop Rock, WARRANT scented ballads, British Heavy Metal, British Pound Rock ala THE DARKNESS (yes, with the English falsetto vocals) and more; trust me their ways of writing and arranging songs are nothing short of eclectic. The same can be said about their approach to mixing, just completely bizarre and industrial to some extent.


If I were to write a track by track description, it would fill out several pages; while I fully admit that I´m not particularly fond of their multi-styled-cheesed-out-eighties-synth-industrial-goth-electro-whatever-rocking sound, I have to give them credit for aiming at something totally different, besides, some of the traditional Rock passages are pretty catchy. This is truly one of those albums where words simply aren´t enough, whether you´re trying to find the right adjectives to praise the music or merely ranting on about just how bad these tune are.


Nevertheless, “Malice In Wonderland” is a brave statement in this day of age, that in the end fails to impress, despite being filled with both kitsch and a sense of creativity, truly an enigma!

(Online December 1, 2008)

Frodi Stenberg

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