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Deadly Apples - Infected (7,5/10) - Canada - 2008

Genre: Industrial Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 22:07
Band homepage: Deadly Apples


  1. Self-Inflicted Oppression
  2. Infection
  3. Abuse
  4. My Own God
Deadly Apples - Infected

DEADLY APPLES, a Canadian Industrial/Electronic Metal band, formed in 2002 and released their first album, “Metamorphosis Has Begun”, in 2005.   The band, known for their extensive touring and outrageous stage performances recently released there EP “Infected” to be downloaded for free on their website.


“Infected” is an overall well written and well-produced album.   Although only four tracks, each track stands out in its own way, but the cohesive concept is obvious.   The electronic element is carried into each song, along with the “intensity” DEADLY APPLES is well known for.   The vocals range from talking, to whispering to melodic.   The vocal varying adds depth to the songs and set the band apart from other electronic/industrial metal acts.


The last track on the EP, “My Own God,” delves into the religious atmosphere Freak (founder of DEADLY APPLES) was raised in and openly struggled with.   It is a live presentation which starts out slow and soft, with painfully strained vocals, and then turns into an anthem about four minutes into the piece.   As the song fades into a cheering crowd a couple minutes later, Freak ends the song in the slow and soft way in which it was started.   The lyrics “I am God, No one will ever understand, I am God, Worship me, Get down on your knees,” lead the song into the final two minutes in which the sound of wind whipping through trees can be heard.


Although “My Own God” could have been cheesy, it instead was a well-thought out way to end the EP and captured the essence of DEADLY APPLES.   They are artsy, intellectual, powerful, and “intense.”   If you live in the Quebec area, watch for DEADLY APPLES, as they will surely be on tour much of the time.   If their live show is anywhere near the powerful nature of the album, I am sure it is worth checking out.  


Finally, a unique feature of the band is their beliefs on music as a whole.   On their website, DEADLY APPLES encourages fans to download their music for free and give it to friends and/or share it on the internet with others.   In return, all they ask is that you see them live and spread the word about them, then perhaps purchase a shirt or other merchandise.   In a world growing closer and closer together, it is refreshing to see a band embrace what so many have been rejecting.   They truly understand the direction the music industry is going in.

(Online December 1, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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