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9 tablatures for Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele - I (6,5/10) - USA - 1982/2002

Genre: US-Metal
Label: T&T
Playing time: 70:50
Band homepage: Virgin Steele


  1. Minuet In G Minor/Danger Zone
  2. American Girl
  3. Dead End Kids
  4. Drive On Thru
  5. Lothlorien
  6. Still In Love With You
  7. Children Of The Storm
  8. Pictures On You
  9. Pulverizer
  10. Living In Sin
  11. Virgin Steele
  12. The Lesson
  13. Life Of Crime
  14. Burn The Sun
  15. American Girl
  16. Dead End Kids
  17. Drive On Thru
  18. Living In Sin
Virgin Steele - I
It had been a long struggle between David DeFeis and former guitarist Jack Starr to finally see the first two VIRGIN STEELE-albums re-released, too, after their later works having seen the light of the day a few years ago already.

Just as with the other re-releases, we here get treated with eight bonus-tracks, three of them off their unreleased 1982 demo, one unreleased track from the recording sessions of "I", plus four alternative versions of album-tracks, everything re-mastered and partly re-mixed.

You should not really compare "I" to the later masterpieces and the more bombastic and classical approach, for this album, originally released in 1982, has a very 80s sound, to say it nicely, very thin, not too original altogether, very deeply rooted in the typical US-Metal of that time. Dave climbs into almost ear-splitting regions at times, which sometimes are almost too much to bear at some points.

But he always has had a quite, hm, extreme voice, so he always had been a matter of taste, to be honest. And I never have been a big friend of Jack Starr's guitarwork, especially his solos, but that's only me, I guess… And the keyboards at times run a little wild, almost countering the guitar-work…

But enough of the complaints, this still is a re-release that is worth it, especially given the work that went into it and that it had been completely out of print for soooooooooo long (I mean, it has been released 20 years ago!)… But if you have found your way into VIRGIN STEELE through the newer releases, check this one out before buying… (Online November 14, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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