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12 tablatures for Nasty Savage

Nasty Savage - Indulgence+Abstract Reality (10/10) - USA - 1988

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 58:03
Band homepage: Nasty Savage


  1. Abstract Reality
  2. Unchained Angel
  3. Eromantic Vertigo
  4. You Snooze, You Lose
  5. Stabbed In The Back
  6. Divination
  7. XXX
  8. Indulgence
  9. Inferno
  10. Hypnotic Trance
  11. Incursion Dementia
  12. Distorted Fanatic
  13. ?
Nasty Savage - Indulgence+Abstract Reality
Sometime in 1987 I heard, like often, the HR3 program "Hard' N Heavy" and one song caught me forever. It was the "?" titled instrumental of NASTY SAVAGE's second longplayer "Indulgence". This tune was such strange and crazy, killing brutal but still fascinating, like I never expected in the beginning of my career as Metalhead. The searching for the record was much more difficult like I thought. Then I could buy it for some fair 18 DM (remember it was a CD, including the four songs of the "Abstract Reality"-EP) at a Metal market. It's absolutely not possible to describe this record in words. Every single songs is a classic, a real Underground pearl!!!

The songs are full of mad solos and crazy breaks and the rough, partly with high screams ennobled singing of Nasty Ronnie is the top of the record. In spite of all the madness, the 13 crushers catch you absolutely. Some examples: the demo breaker "Unchained Angel" and "XXX", whose strong riffs and the catchy shout-choruses will bring you to your knees. Or take the same strong pretty fast song "You Snooze, You Lose". Or the also for NASTY SAVAGE much driving "Inferno" with some riffs, memorized by some Death Metal combos (e.g. DEATH, MASSACRE). Or take...

Well, what shall I write, who's taking a little time will be rewarded with many great songs of one of the best and much original bands of the 80s. Should I compare it, I would do it like this: Take the songwriting of the first WATCHTOWER-LP and combine it with the melody understanding of some old Bay Area heroes like FORBIDDEN or EXODUS, so, you'll get a pretty vague comparison. Or maybe take elder CELTIC FROST, but then it's enough with the comparisons. (Online November 20, 2002)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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