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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - PSYCROPTIC - The Isle Of Disenchantment

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Psycroptic - The Isle Of Disenchantment (8/10) - Australia - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 39:07
Band homepage: Psycroptic


  1. Carnival Of Vulgarity      
  2. The Sword Of Uncreation
  3. Condemned By Discontent
  4. Netherworld Reality       
  5. The Isle Of Disenchantment
  6. Of Dull Eyes Borne       
  7. Psycroptipath   
  8. Beneath The Ground We Dwell
  9. The Labyrinth    
Psycroptic - The Isle Of Disenchantment

PSYCROPTIC are slowly getting the recognition they deserve. These Australian Technical Death merchants have released a new album this year (their fourth album), which finally got them on a tour on North American shores, plus they are expanding their fan base to beyond just Technical Death Metal nerds (i.e. people like ME) and are getting heard by most people interested in Death Metal in general. Kudos to them!


“The Isle Of Disenchantment” is the band’s first release, and even though it is not full of PSYCROPTIC’s trademark semi-melodic riffs mixed with the high speeds and technical prowess and heaviness, it lays down the foundation to which the band would evolve from.


“The Isle Of Disenchantment” was somewhat underwhelming as a PSYCROPTIC album, simply because it was the last release I had heard from PSYCROPTIC. I’ve seen how they evolved into the Technical Death Metal monsters, and then I worked my way back. This album isn’t as melodic as their following three albums, and the melodic aspect is what gives PSYCROPTIC its identity and makes them stand out from the flood of Tech Death out there.


I’m not saying it’s a bad release, though. It’s a great Death Metal record, with tremolo picked Death Metal riffs mixed in with chord chugging and flourishes of melody. It’s at that sweet spot where most Death Metal bands wish to be, where the riffs are bone-crushing in their heaviness yet still cling in your mind after listening to the songs. The lack of melodic riffing actually works to their benefit on this album, as “The Isle Of Disenchantment” stands out from the rest of PSYCROPTIC’s discography simply by how it sounds a lot like old school Death Metal. Of course, there are moments that hint to what the band would turn into (1:53 of “The Sword Of Uncreation” has an awesome downpicked melodic riff), but mainly, this band PSYCROPTIC as being a great Death Metal with tons of potential.


And man did they surpass their potential.

(Online December 15, 2008)

Armen Janjanian

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