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Nostradameus - The Third Prophecy (9/10) - Sweden - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 47:55
Band homepage: Nostradameus


  1. Far Too Strong
  2. Randall Flagg
  3. Those Things You Did
  4. The Future Will Show
  5. If We Believe (In Our Dreams)
  6. Revenge Is Mine
  7. 1986
  8. H.M.S. Ulysses
  9. In Harmony
  10. Towards The Sleep (Stalingrad)
  11. One For All, All For One (Bonus – Live In Stockholm)
Nostradameus - The Third Prophecy

I’ve often thought about writing an article for this here web-rag looking at the most underrated and overlooked bands in my favorite genre of Power Metal. But I must confess, one band that will certainly make that list if the article ever gets written is a band that I myself am guilty of ignoring for far too long. That band, of course, is Sweden’s NOSTRADAMEUS. What makes my ignorance of this band even worse is the fact that their first three albums have been sitting in my collection, untouched, for several years now. I actually bought their albums, or acquired them in a trade, put them in my CD shelving unit, and forgot about them – until recently.


I periodically like to catalogue and inventory my music, to remind myself of forgotten gems and clean out the unworthy junk, when I happened upon the NOSTRADAMEUS albums. “Huh”, I thought to myself, pulled them out, and added them to my stack of current rotation albums (I have a system you see). I took said albums to work, and starting spinning ‘em, and what the heck do you know? This is some fine Power Metal indeed!


The band’s debut, “Words Of Nostradameus”, is a speedy, heavy and somewhat generic album walking the line between the Swedish and German schools of Power Metal. The follow-up, 2001’s “The Prophet Of Evil”, saw the band adding a bit more a unique flavor to their sound while retaining the speed and heaviness of the debut. But it’s on this, NOSTRADAMEUS’ third album, appropriately titled “The Third Prophecy”, that the band finally hits their stride.


The German Power influences are found considerably less on “The Third Prophecy”, with the album settling firmly in the Swedish sound. In fact, the album fits perfectly alongside such Swedish Power Metal classics as TAD MOROSE’s “Undead” and NOCTURNAL RITES “Shadowland”. “The Third Prophecy” is dark and uplifting, heavy and catchy, and most of all, a superbly crafted Power Metal album. The production is heavy, crisp and clear, and the songs are all on the verge of perfect composition. This, folks, is what Power Metal should sound like. And of great of importance here is vocalist Freddy Persson, who is not your typical Power Metal vocalist. Instead, his voice is slightly more aggressive, and stays in a mid-range tone, never making attempts at breaking glass. In fact, as a point of reference, Persson’s voice is quite similar to that of Urban Breed (BLOODBOUND, ex-TAD MOROSE), which most genre fans have to agree is great compliment.


As for individual songs, every song on “The Third Prophecy” is a standout in its own right. But for readers who need some recommendations, “Randall Flagg” (named after the reoccurring Stephen King character), “If We Believe (In Our Dreams)” and “1986” are among the best Power Metal songs I’ve heard recently.

So I can now happily say that I’ve acclimated myself with NOSTRADAMEUS’ first three albums, and fallen completely for their third release. I’ve got there fourth and fifth releases on the way (although I’ve heart they’ve modernized their sound a bit – lets just hope not too much), and greatly look forward to what this band brings in the future. If, like me, you’re a Power Metal fan who’s never given NOSTRADAMEUS the time of day, I strongly recommend you check out “The Third Prophecy”. Hopefully you’ll be as pleased with it as I.

(Online December 20, 2008)

Eric Vieth

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