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Geisha - Die Verbrechen Der Liebe (7,5/10) - Great Britain - 2008

Genre: Noise
Label: Crucial Blast Records
Playing time: 59:00
Band homepage: Geisha


  1. Prelude To Amber Pays The Rent
  2. Stop Talking, Let's Fuck
  3. A Wilderness, Except By Sight
  4. Cocktown & The G Boys
  5. Sportsfister
  6. Theme From Diana
Geisha - Die Verbrechen Der Liebe

Seeing as I've become TMO's go-to person for anything strange and wonderful that some of the other writers would never even touch, I should sort of expect releases like “Die Verbrechen Der Liebe” to be put in my lap more often. GEISHA play an uncompromising Noise Rock/Drone style of music that I've honestly never really gotten into at any depth. The guitars are too heavy for words, the vocals are destructive, the drumming is chaotic and the bass is the heavy base on which it all stands and weaves around, all in all, “Die Verbrechen Der Liebe” is pretty much a perfect representation of a genre that can be very hard to listen to at the best of times.

Needless to say, GEISHA completely and utterly overwhelmed me at first. The music was all a bit too much and hard to keep focused on, in fact, my first few listens were ones of confusion and intrigue more than anything, a few stand out riffs always caught my ears in the same places and I always thought that there was more to this than was being revealed. Then it all clicked, much like some of my favourite music has done to me before, suddenly, the crazed chaos became clearer, and with it the melodies became more substantial and the structure of the songs made more sense. “Die Verbrechen Der Liebe” is a grower, to say the least.

I think what I've come to like most about GEISHA's particular brand of Noise Rock is the subtle melodies that pop up occasionally (“A Wilderness, Except By Sight” has one of the most spellbinding melodies of the album, and the entire track is probably my favourite) and the way that the band can utilise the quieter almost Post Rock-esq sections to such great affect. This isn't music for everybody, no way, it's way too loud and dirty for most, but you get the feeling that the band don't really care, I think what the band say on their myspace best sums them up:

We began like many groups out of boredom and sheer hatred of what was around us, not to save music, but to destroy it through an ever increasing number of FX units.”

Now, how awesome is that?

(Online January 4, 2009)

Raven Blackburn

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