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Orford, Martin - The Old Road (6/10) - Great Britain - 2008

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Giant Electric Pea Limited
Playing time: 58:01
Band homepage: -


  1. Grand Designs
  2. Power And Speed
  3. Ray Of Hope
  4. Take It To The Sun
  5. Prelude
  6. The Old Road
  7. Out In The Darkness
  8. The Time And The Season
  9. Endgame
Orford, Martin - The Old Road

There are two main types of 'Prog Rock', you have the dark, genuinely progressive stuff that bands like PORCUPINE TREE play, then you have the cheesy, keyboard heavy stuff that makes me cringe at times; MARTIN ORFORD delivers an hour of the latter.

Now, I can't help my taste. I also can't deny that the music played here is actually quite good. But I just can't get into it, I really can't. It's all far too cheesy for me to take seriously and the keyboards are way too dominant. I really don't want this review to sound like I'm dismissing the album, I'm not, I'd love to enjoy this album the way it should be enjoyed, but it's just not the sort of stuff I regularly listen to and I can't get into it. It's a shame, because the production is great, and the instrumental performances are all really good, but somewhere between the vocals, the really cheesy keyboards and the general ridiculousness of it is just too much for me.

There are a couple of songs that I do enjoy though, mainly “Take It To The Sun” with it's nice chorus and the title track, thanks to it's amazing acoustics and Folk-ish feel. Whenever I listen to these songs it reminds me that I don't dislike this album, it's just not to my taste. I could easily recommend this to people who enjoy cheesy Prog Rock with a heavy emphasis on the keyboards, but it's unfortunately not for me.

(Online January 5, 2009)

Raven Blackburn

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