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Razor - Evil Invaders (10/10) - Canada - 1985

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Roadracer
Playing time: 38:15
Band homepage: Razor


  1. Nowhere Fast
  2. Cross Me Fool
  3. Legacy Of Doom
  4. Evil Invaders
  5. Iron Hammer
  6. Instant Death
  7. Cut Throat
  8. Speed Merchants
  9. Tortured Skull
  10. Thrashdance
Razor - Evil Invaders
My absolute favourite band in Thrash Metal are the Canadian RAZOR. I can't think of only one bad song of this Underground band. Much contrary to fellows like SLAYER, KREATOR, EXODUS...Unfortunately, the band is very unknown what is caused by missing European tours, shame to their former label responsibles.

Besides "Violent Restitution", especially their second full-lenght record "Evil Invaders" can convince. Listen to the starting riff in the instrumental "Nowhere Fast" and compare it with MINISTRY's "Thieves", you'll get a strange suspicion. Otherwise are the songs more rhythm orientated and much intensive.

Every single song is a hymn! Equally if you listen to the very fast "Legacy Of Doom", "Cross Me Fool", which was covered by DESASTER, the jaunty "Iron Hammer", which starts with a bass solo, the skull crushing "Speed Merchants", the slow starting and then pretty growing mega hymn "Evil Invaders" (most of you will know this song by HYPOCRISY's cover version...), or...

Every, really E.V.E.R.Y. single song is outreaching, a teaching lesson in Thrash Metal. Simple but never boring, very catchy but never tawdry. And every time, vocalist Stace "Sheepdog" McLaren lets out one of his (not rarely used) screams, angels will fall dead down from heaven (remember SODOM: "shrill cries, angel dies, outbreak of evil"). (Online November 22, 2002)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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