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Heritech - Prophecy: The Apocalyptic Enigma (5/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Avantgarde Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 20:00
Band homepage: Heritech


  1. Prognostication
  2. Adventum Rebellionous
  3. The Second Oracle
  4. Modernistic Misanthropy
  5. Mausoleum (Antediluvian Scourge)
  6. Endless Blue
Heritech - Prophecy: The Apocalyptic Enigma

It’s not the avant-garde itself that makes a band special, but how the avant-garde is used.  In the case of HERITECH (get it?), the only thing the band has is its willingness to experiment.  While any musician’s adventurousness is always a great asset, on “Prophecy: The Apocalyptic Enigma,” HERITECH is definitely trying to run before it can walk.  This twenty-minute EP is replete with odd instrumentation, distorted vocals, and disturbing imagery, but not much else.  It is as if the members decided on how to be experimental before they learned how to play their instruments.  This results in a group of songs that are merely a combination of disjointed sections of incredibly uneven quality.  The tracks just sound vacant, as if more instrumental parts were written or recorded, then just left out. 


Some of the individual experiments are successful, such as the vocal layering on “Modernistic Misanthropy” or the brief, Middle Eastern sounds on the outro “Endless Blue.”  Unfortunately, the EP is mostly populated with keyboard sounds, drum machine effects, and squealing guitars that come out of, and go, nowhere.  While HERITECH should be admired for its vast array of musical ideas, listening to “Prophecy: The Apocalyptic Enigma” feels like empty calories; there’s just no real substance. 

(Online January 6, 2009)

John Arminio

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