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Sacred Oath - A Crystal Vision (7,5/10) - USA - 1987

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Mercenary Musik
Playing time: 42:45
Band homepage: Sacred Oath


  1. Two Powers
  2. The Ferryman's Lair
  3. Message To The Children
  4. Rising From The Grave
  5. The Beginning
  6. Magick Son
  7. Shadow Out Of Time
  8. The Omen
  9. A Crystal Vision
  10. The Reign
Sacred Oath - A Crystal Vision

In 1984 founded the Metal band SACRED OATH, in 1986 they released a demo, they gained a deal at Mercenary Records and one year later they released their first (and only) full-length record.

If you regard the fact that US Power Metal bands had problems to sell their records, even in their prime (even big bands like METAL CHURCH couldn't earn enough money to live), it's not surprising that many bands kicked the bulled just after one or two releases. And in the case of bands, which weren't catchy and so more interesting for a little group of fans, the thing had to fail.

And so, there will be born cult bands, loved by a few, ignored by the mass. Alike SACRED OATH. The guys combined their guitar arrangements with the song writing of MERCYFUL FATE, naturally they couldn't reach their idols. But in spite of that, they wrote some song classics, for example the opener "Two Powers", which is ennobled by strong guitar harmonies. Or take the pretty straight "Message To The Children" with its short acoustic part in the middle. Or take the diversified "The Beginning", with its strange vocals in the beginning.

Every single song is drawn through with breaks and they bribe with intelligent riffs. But in every case, you have to have much time for the CD, one or two passes are not enough for this record. What is likely deterrent, are maybe the high vocals of Rob Thorne, in comparison with him, King Diamond sounds like a Death Metal growler.

The album is rather recommendable for DEADLY BLESSING's fans, and actually, it shouldn't be a problem to find this album because it is re-released by Sentinel Steel Records, a short time ago. Just asking the Hellion Records mailorder. (Online November 22, 2002)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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