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American Dog - Red White Black And Blue (7,5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Outlaw Entertainment
Playing time: 49:36
Band homepage: American Dog


  1. Shitkicker
  2. Train
  3. Can't Throw Stones
  4. Dog Will Hunt
  5. Glad It's Over
  6. Blame It On The Booze
  7. Motors Down
  8. Swallow My Pride
  9. Can't Stop The Rain
  10. I Keep Drinkin' (You're Still Ugly)
  11. Hear Me Howlin'
  12. Bullshit (Goddammit)
American Dog - Red White Black And Blue
When a label promises "100% Ass-Kicking Rock'n'Roll" then that should be in it, too, and with AMERICAN DOG, the second release of Vancouver-based label Outlaw Entertainment that is absolutely true, because here you won't get any bombast, won't get any frills, won't get any decoration, but just basic, straight forward Rock'n'Roll, no compromises allowed!

Some of you might still know fronter Michael Hannon from his former commitment with SALTY DOG, but that band does not have much in common with AMERICAN DOG, because these twelve songs hit home without needing much help from the brain, this sound goes straight into your blood. And the song-titles are program as well, no fancy fantasy stories, but the every day life is what "Red White Black And Blue" is all about, so everybody should be able to identify with these three folks.

Southern Rock-influences can be made out here and there, too, but basic Rock in the classical trio-line-up, driving, dirty, rough, energetic, straight forward. Just listen to "Shitkicker", "Can't Throw Stones", the up-tempo Rocker "Dog Will Hunt" or "I Keep Drinkin' (You're Still Ugly)" with its amusing lyrics and you will see, you cannot just sit still while listening to these guys rocking along in classical manner. And I definitely doubt that "Bullshit (Goddamit)" was conceived in a completely sober condition, hehe.

AMERICAN DOG for sure is nothing for people, who like it intricate, polished and bombastic, but who's in search for some good ole dirty, earthy Rock, then I heavily recommend AMERICAN DOG! (Online November 22, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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