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Noism - ± (0/10) - Japan - 2008

Genre: Chaoscore
Label: Crucial Blast Records
Playing time: 21:51
Band homepage: Noism


  1. Man-I-C 
  2. DTM   
  3. Zaporojets   
  4. Death-Meta-Logic 
  5. BPM
  6. Noismetal 
  7. No, Cuts And Drag   
  8. Computer Illiterate 
  9. Yesism
  10. I'm Not in A Band   
  11. Noist
  12. Adhdhda
Noism - ±

NOISM is a two man band from Japan, with one man handling the drum programming while the other one plays the guitar. They enjoy listening to Death Metal and Techno. I assume they wanted to try to combine the two genres.

The net result is an overly technical clusterfuck. There is absolutely no structure to what the hell is going on throughout the songs. Absolutely none. The drum programming sounds like it was done completely randomly, and there are so many ridiculous time and tempo changes, with an unending barrage of snare & cymbal shots, couple with some blast beats and some Death Metal drum fills, and you know what? It honestly feels like the program they used started overheating and spazzing out, spitting out random drum sounds and “patterns” before dying an agonizing death.

Alongside the haphazard and utterly chaotic drum programming comes the guitar playing, which follows suit with a bunch of fast Death Metal riffs which are completely void of emotion, fretboard frenetic from hell sweeping, a bunch of fast pull-off/hammer-on riffs and other such clichéd aspects of Death Metal which is unfortunately becoming the norm nowadays. Maybe this could have been slightly more enjoyable if the guitar wasn’t tuned so low the riffs are barely heard, or maybe the guitars should have been a bit louder in the mix...actually, it wouldn’t have made a difference in the long run. This still would not have been enjoyable to listen to. I’m not exactly Mr. Mainstream Music kinda guy either. I like hard to listen to stuff, I like weird shit and I thoroughly enjoy abrasive Technical Death Metal, and I WANT to hear bands break new ground and push the limits of music.

NOISM, on the other hand, is just speed and chaos for its own sake, and nothing else. The only reason I would recommend giving this band a listen is to warn all of those Tech-Death bands that want to constantly turn that genre into an one-upmanship contest. THIS is what the genre could degenerate into if the bands only decide to push the limits of the technicality and nothing else.

This sounds like noise. Absolute noise.

(Online January 16, 2009)

Armen Janjanian

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