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Mudvayne - By The People, For The People (4/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Nu-Metal
Label: Epic Records
Playing time: 76:44
Band homepage: Mudvayne


  1. Dig (Live)
  2. Silenced (Demo)
  3. Dull Boy
  4. Death Blooms (Demo)
  5. Fall Into Sleep (Demo)
  6. Not Falling (Demo)
  7. -1 (Live)
  8. Happy (Demo)
  9.  (Per)version Of A Truth (Demo)
  10. World So Cold (Live)
  11. On The Move
  12. Goodbye
  13. Skrying (Demo)
  14. All That You Are (Demo)
  15. Forget To Remember (Demo)
  16. King Of Pain
Mudvayne - By The People, For The People

Sometimes there are concepts that are greater than what can actually be accomplished. Although “By The People, For The People” had an interesting idea behind it as a concept, when actually put through onto an album by MUDVAYNE it turned into more of a nuisance. But then I’ll get to that in a bit. Let’s lay down the ground work.


In the wait for a new album and while Chad Grey and Greg Tribbett go about doing their thing in HELLYEAH, MUDVAYNE decided to release a collection of rarities, b-sides, live tracks, demos, and a few new songs for the fans to chew on. The track listing was initially voted on by the fans (while the actual choice of which versions of the songs were done by the band) and thusly this is a release entitled “By The People, For The People”. Makes sense.  


But although some of the demos and live tracks are interesting if the band wanted to release an album for the ‘die hard’ fans, then why put live songs and demos of songs that are essentially the same? Although the “Silenced” demo is interesting it’s far from worth the time to buy the album unless you are beyond a die hard fan. And most of the live tracks aren’t of a great quality either.


But even beyond that the band decided to have vocalist Chad Grey introduce each track and give a little explanation of each of the choices. Sounds awesome in theory but they were limited on time for most of the intros – most of them actually tell the listener very little. And if you want to do repeated listenings they become more of a hassle then a truly unique idea. It would have been better to do an extensive liner note system with the album instead of the introduction tracks. Great idea that just wasn’t planned properly. 


As for the new tracks (and studio b-sides) there are a few that are worth the listen. “Dull Boy” is rather interesting but definitely a song written to be a single and the cover of “King Of Pain” is actually the best track on the album. But the b-sides are definitely b-sides for the band and although they are interesting to hear (and in the case of “On The Move” quite entertaining) none of them are quite worth the price of the album.


Although “By The People, For The People” had some great ideas and expectations most of them failed to pan out in the end. It’s an album only for those MUDVAYNE fans eager for more from the band and then it might only be worth downloading the studio tracks separately.


Songs to check out: “Dull Boy”, “King Of Pain”, “On The Move”. 

(Online January 18, 2009)

Matt Reifschneider

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