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Tankard - Thirst (8/10) - Germany - 2008

Genre: Speed Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 44:33
Band homepage: Tankard


  1. Octane Warriors
  2. Deposit Pirates
  3. Stay Thirsty!
  4. Hyperthermia
  5. Echoes Of Fear
  6. When Daddy Comes To Play
  7. Zodiac Man
  8. G.O.L.A.W.
  9. Myevilfart
  10. Sexy Feet Under
Tankard - Thirst

When I receive a CD from a band which is supposed to be a genre legend, I approach it with some caution. Sometimes the word "legend" is used out of context to describe examples of pure mediocrity. 


So it is most fortunate that TANKARD's newest effort, "Thirst", is not one of those mediocre examples. This is my first encounter with this band, and I am happy to say that I really enjoyed this album.


What we have on display here could be likened to SODOM + lots of beer. There is some excellent riffwork on this album, particularly on "Desposit Pirates", "Hyperthermia", and "G.A.L.O.W.". But really most tracks are quite good, despite some duds (like "Myevilfart", come on, really?). The bass and drums do their job, nothing too flashy. Vocals are a teutonic-accented squawk, a bit annoying, but I've grown to enjoy them. I could best liken them to Mille Petrozza of KREATOR on their more recent albums. This is just straight ahead Speed/Thrash Metal, not original by any means, but just plain enjoyable.


Despite some minor pitfalls, TANKARD have made a fan. I am eager to check out their back catalogue, which reaches back to the early 1980s! To conclude, this album is a worthy purchase by any fan of Thrash/Speed Metal, great drinking music. Just an all around solid effort.

(Online January 18, 2009)

Christopher Karlas

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