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Bible Of The Devil - Freedom Metal (7,5/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Heavy Metal / Stoner Metal
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Playing time: 43:53
Band homepage: Bible Of The Devil


  1. Hijack The Night
  2. Night Oath
  3. The Turning Stone
  4. Womanize
  5. Heat Feeler
  6. Ol’ Girl
  7. Greek Fire
  8. 500 More
Bible Of The Devil - Freedom Metal

How can you possibly go wrong with a band named BIBLE OF THE DEVIL, with an album named “Freedom Metal”? Hell, just look at that cover art: motorcycles and a Flying V! What could be more Metal than that? And you know what, the album sounds exactly like you’d expect it to. I’m talking old-school Metal of an 80s bent, with a strong helping of 70s Hard Rock ala THIN LIZZY, and a decent wisp of Stoner haze filing the crevices. It’s not necessarily original, but it’s damn sure fun.


Soulful and blazing solos and leads are the order of the day, along with songs that are both readily head-bangable and instantly catchy – just the way old-school Metal should be. Most of the album is upbeat in fashion, but BIBLE OF THE DEVIL aren’t afraid to get a little brooding if the song calls for it. But “Freedom Metal” is never an album to put a scowl on your face, but rather a great album to listen to while knocking back a tall frosty brew.


Details of the album are pointless, as you either dig this style or not (and I dare say that you aren’t very Metal if you don’t). BIBLE OF THE DEVIL are five albums in, continuing to rock and bang with reckless abandon and no signs of slowing down. The critic in me gives the album a 7,5 for not redefining anything or offering an album that should shake the genre, but the metalhead in me easily gives the album two sets of horns way up!

(Online January 20, 2009)

Eric Vieth

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