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From Beneath Billows - Evolve (8/10) - Norway - 2007

Genre: Post Rock / Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 49:57
Band homepage: From Beneath Billows


  1. An Opening To The End
  2. Evade
  3. In The Throat Of The Greater
  4. Evolve
From Beneath Billows - Evolve

There's no other feeling in music than when a band can completely and utterly encapsulate you in their atmosphere. I don't mean when something is considered atmospheric just because it has spooky keyboards in the background or something like that, I mean real atmosphere. FROM BENEATH BILLOWS know what I mean. With their debut release “Evolve”, the band have created one of the most desolate and crushing soundscapes I have ever heard in Metal.

Although very minimalist in nature, FBB's brand of Post Metal is completely absorbing. Every note is sombre, every vocal line haunting. Although the music is incredibly slow and dense, it displays a perfect image of an absolutely destroyed and desolate landscape. The vocalist has a very typical voice for Post Metal, but his singing is absolutely spellbinding. Every word is barely substantial, half whispered half sung and always emotional. His voice suits the quiet moments and his roar accompanies the louder moments so well that it's hard to imagine the music without him. When he roars “And now we fall...” in second track “Evade”, you realise what the entire album is all about.

The drums aren't even present for quite a bit of the music, the riffs are almost always simplistic and droning, but there is just so much raw power and beauty behind it that you can't help but love it. It's not for everyone, it's definitely not for people who seek fast, balls to the walls kind of Metal. But for those of you that can appreciate something slower, something with raw atmosphere, something that will stay with you long after you listen to it. FROM BENEATH BILLOWS are one of the best little known acts out there.

(Online January 21, 2009)

Raven Blackburn

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