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Edguy - The Savage Poetry (-/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 52:58
Band homepage: Edguy


  1. Hallowed
  2. Misguiding Your Life
  3. Key To My Fate
  4. Sands Of Time
  5. Sacred Hell
  6. Eyes Of The Tyrant
  7. Frozen Candle
  8. Roses To No One
  9. Power And Majesty
Edguy - The Savage Poetry
Horrendous prices have been paid for the EDGUY-debut "The Savage Poetry", reason enough for the five champions of sympathy to follow LEFAY and re-record and -release their debut, to prevent this from further happening.

Musically you obviously hear that it is EDGUY, but the song-material (of course) cannot really be compared to the later longplayers, how should it... But it is really impressive to hear, what the Gentlemen Sammet, Ludwig and co. have managed to get out of it, a different arrangement here, a stronger choir there, with an excellent production and you have an album that is more than remarkable. Who had the luck to get the limited first edition can even compare it to the original, because it featured the 1995 original-version as bonus-disc.

The songs are less intricate and are more "normal" than on their newer works, but still songs like the very good "Key To My Fate", "Sacred Hell" or the power duo of "Frozen Candle" and "Power And Majesty" showed the potential of EDGUY, even though the HELLOWEEN-isms were a lot more obvious back then.

Still, all who want to discover the beginnings of EDGUY and/or had been searching for the much-coveted debut for a long time, can get "The Savage Poetry" without any second thought, not least because of the greatly remade songs!

Alexander Melzer

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