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Grim Force - Circulation To Conclusion (4/10) - Japan - 2002

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: World Chaos Production
Playing time: 32:05
Band homepage: Grim Force


  1. Lunatic
  2. God Cries! World Dies
  3. World Of Chaos
  4. The Sin Of The Blackest Dye
  5. Dig Your Own Grave
  6. The Dead To Be Judged
  7. Struggle
Grim Force - Circulation To Conclusion
Japan. While the Japanese seem to be HUGE fans of the genre of Metal, we have yet to see the onslaught of Japanese bands ready to take over. Sure, some excellent bands such as SIGH and SHADOW have come from the other side of the ocean, but not much more than that.

So, it was with great anticipation that I placed GRIM FORCE into my CD player. Unfortunately, it was nothing too great. What I have here is Thrash that just doesn't seem to flow well, accompanied by monotonous semi-Death vocals. Also, most of the songs sound way to similar. I feel as if I am listening to one song over and over again, with only minor variations.

Aside from some (very rare) catchy moments, there is not really a lot going for this album, and I cannot honestly recommend it. (Online November 26, 2002)

Joshua Drover

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