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Snatch Club - True Kids Superbrawl (7,5/10) - Germany - 2008

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Bastardized Records
Playing time: 32:28
Band homepage: Snatch Club


  1. Introduction
  2. Welcoming Snatch Club
  3. Iron Rod At Toothlevel >mp3
  4. The Onset Of Dispatch
  5. Female Serial Killer
  6. Interlude
  7. A Fistful Effectivity
  8. Scissoring Tempers
  9. Fifty Punches A Minute
  10. Exhibition
  11. My Private Toolbox
Snatch Club - True Kids Superbrawl

It has to be said that the band name and album title had me fearing the worst. I was fully expecting an ordeal of misplaced testosterone and confused emotions, instead I got a simple kick in the teeth.

First and foremost, SNATCH CLUB are heavy, this is elephants on parade, stolen steamrollers, half ton son heavy, that said any amount of ordnance is only lethal if it hits the target. Thankfully, “True Kids Superbrawl” is quite effective in hammering home its point, the amalgam of Death Metal and Grindcore batters your bonce leaving your ears ringing like plague bells. Suffice to say, these young fuckers have fastened their début album together with nuts and bolts snaffled from a battleship.

The emphasis is firmly set on giving out a pounding, for the most part delivery is maintained at a bouncy mid pace so that the leadened riffs have time to hit bottom. The guitar tone has been created by those little known creatures of the forest, the fuzzy scuzzies and so expect down and dirty, a bit like a whale with poor hygiene. Bolting from the blue on a frequent basis are leary blasts that missile their missive in short order before hitting a brick wall and reverting to form. Countering the rapid, there are sections that are a crawling crunch, boneshattering rumbles that lose none of the weight splitting the seams elsewhere.

Though “True Kids Superbrawl” sounds straightforward enough at first listen, it soon develops character with subsequent spins, judicious use of corkscrew lead scrawl, adding of acid to a riff and reckless turns of speed, amongst other things, all assist in avoiding this album becoming just a downtuned drudge. Even the utilisation of some bingly-bong electronica fore and aft of the tracklist doesn't detract, mainly due to the fact that there is an undercurrent of fun running below the vicious flow of these songs. Providing the rails for this locomotive to run along is a bold as brass bass that punches at heavyweight levels, essential in preventing the caustic guitar from leaving the tracks, as a poke in the ribs, the bass will do yours and the bloke behind you.

Talking of components that clobber, the drumming here really does get involved in the barrage, concentrating predominantly on squeezing as much clatter as possible within the confines of the mid pace, the energy and variety shoe-horned in there is only bested by sections where the dynamics allow for some unfettered blast, even then an ear is kept to mixing the menace. Of course, ugly music requires ugly vocals and so no surprise to find beast in the basement growling, occasionally accompanied by the deranged snarls of the unwanted child locked in the attic for the past 20 years.

SNATCH CLUB have done a sterling job in setting a fire beneath my preconceptions of “True Kids Superbrawl.” Not only have they wrong footed me, they have actually caused me to enjoy music from a genre mix that usually leaves me far from impressed. It just goes to show that conviction counts.

(Online January 24, 2009)

Niall MacCartney

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