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Satyricon - Volcano (10/10) - Norway - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Virgin
Playing time: 54:33
Band homepage: Satyricon


  1. With Ravenous Hunger
  2. Angstridden
  3. Fuel For Hatred
  4. Suffering The Tyrants
  5. Possessed
  6. Repined Bastard Nation
  7. Mental Mercury
  8. Black Lava
Satyricon - Volcano
I would not have expected that SATYRICON as first Black Metal band on a major-label would go off that much. Because "Volcano" in no way has turned out as a commercial, keyboard-watered Gothic-Black album. No, rather it is the heaviest piece of the band history, just like the straightest. They do not sound as complex as on "Rebel Extravaganza" anymore, but they still have those mean psychotic riffs, which remind me of old VOIVOD.

This time we also get a very good, heavy production. Opener "With Ravenous Hunger" blows off your wig, there are lots of blasts and the slower passages have a an incredible groove! "Angstridden" is the next track and it, too, is simple, but deadly! They manage to masterfully combine the spirit of Black Metal with modern sounds. The resulting ice-cold atmosphere is very dark and oppressing. In the song "Suffering The Tyrant" we get electro sounds and distorted vocals. What originally had almost scared me off gets better and better with each listen.

Even more extreme is the super long closer "Black Lava". Here the monotony is raised to an artform. There is not much happening, but still the song is hypnotic and comes over like a nightmare turned sound. The "pop-hit" "Repined Bastard Nation" , of cousre, is there, too, rocking like hell. Here Satyr picks up his ideology of elitism again. Musically the two northmen Satyr and Frost belong to the elite for a long time already, if you ask me. And to the goddamn best Black Metal band of this fucked planet.

And who accuses the SATYRICONs that they had betrayed their ideals because of integrating electro sounds and female vocals into their sound or even signed with a major shall fuck themselves. These idiots haven't understood a thing. (Online November 12, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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