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Eldorado - En Busca De Eldorado (7/10) - Spain - 2008

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Avispa Music
Playing time: 38:50
Band homepage: Eldorado


  1. Abril
  2. El Final
  3. Un Mal Presentimiento
  4. Déjame Decirte
  5. En Busca De Eldorado
  6. El Jugador
  7. Mistreated
  8. Indentidad
Eldorado - En Busca De Eldorado

ELDORADO is a Spanish Hard Rock band dedicated to upholding the principles of ‘70s Hard Rock while glossing it over with a heavier, more modern production. For the most part, “En Busca De Eldorado” sleazes itself along at a Stoner Rock-like pace, which gets a little boring at times, but every so often they kick things into gear.


On the slower tracks, the Blues influences become really apparent. The latter half of “Identidad,” for example, makes me think of some old guy sitting on his patio at dusk with an empty bottle at his side, fiddling away with his Gibson while thinkin’ about home. Or something. “En Busca De Eldorado” is much more Blues-heavy than other “retro” sounding albums.


Though there are no keyboards on the album, some parts of it evoke the longer epics of DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW. As a matter of fact, DEEP PURPLE’s “Mistreated” makes an appearance as a cover track, and the band does a pretty good job of staying faithful to the original while giving it a bit more power on each beat. One of the things I liked about the original was how it seemed to lazily pull itself along, and ELDORADO have seemed to realize this as well, capitalizing on it.


All in all, “En Busca De Eldorado” is a retro album for a different crowd; fans of hard Blues stuff will love it, but people looking for Rock that’s a little more upbeat will have a tough time with this album. The songs are decent, the cover of “Mistreated” is decent, the performances are decent…all around, it’s a good album.

(Online February 10, 2009)

Mitchel Betsch

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