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Diabolical Masquerade - Ravendusk In My Heart (9,5/10) - Sweden - 1995

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Adipocere
Playing time: 42:29
Band homepage: Diabolical Masquerade


  1. The Castle Of Blackheim
  2. Blackheim's Quest To Bring Back The Stolen Autumn
  3. Beyond The Spiritual Moon
  4. The Sphere In Blackheim's Shrine
  5. Under The Banner Of The Sentinel
  6. Blackheim's Forest Kept The Season Forever
  7. The Darkblue Seajourneys Of The Sentinel
  8. Blackheim's Hunt For Nocturnal Grace
  9. Ravendusk In My Heart
Diabolical Masquerade - Ravendusk In My Heart
The debut album of one-man band DIABOLICAL MASQURADE was released in 1995 on French Adipocere Records. Blackheim aka Anders Nyström (KATATONIA, BLOODBATH) created the world of Blackheim on "Ravendusk In My Heart", a journey that would continue in "The Phantom Lodge" (1997), "Nightwork" (1998) and "Death's Design" (2001). On this release (and the others) Blackheim plays all instruments, with Dan Swanö doing both guest vocals on one track, as well as the whole production.

For those unfamiliar with this great band, DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE stands for eerie, spooky Black Metal, not limiting itself to unconventional instruments (bagpipes can be heard on "The Phantom Lodge") to create a dark atmosphere. And actually it's a shame that this is just a side-project… DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE can be viewed as one of the best bands in the current Metal scene. I have been a huge fan of "Nightwork" ever since it came out, but one by one, all the other discs are more than worth to own as well.
It's hard to believe "Ravendusk In My Heart" is the debut album, cause it already sees the band at a peak of the career, a state which the band still resides at, both song-writing wise and production-wise. Seriously, pick any of the tracks on this album and you tell me it isn't one of the most creepy yet intense, well-performed fragments of Metal art that can be found! "The Castle Of Blackheim", a fantastic "Blackheim's Quest To Bring Back The Stolen Autumn", the blasting "The Sphere In Blackheim's Shrine", "Under The Banner Of The Sentinel" with a Dan Swanö appearance, "Blackheim's Hunt For Nocturnal Grace "… One by one fantastic!

Melody, aggression, atmosphere, you can find it all on "Ravendusk In My Heart" (and any other DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE album for that matter). Although "Nightwork" remains my favourite album, "Ravendusk In My Heart" is very close to reaching that level. DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE is one of the best bands that can be find in the Metal scene, the end! (Online November 23, 2002)

Vincent Portegijs

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