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Armored Saint - Nod To The Old School (-/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 84:26
Band homepage: Armored Saint


  1. Real Swagger
  2. Unstable
  3. March Of The Saint
  4. Day Of The Eagle
  5. Never Satisfied
  6. Tainted Past (Acoustic)
  7. After Me, The Flood (Live)
  8. Creepy Feelings (Live)
  9. Lesson Well Learned
  10. False Alarm
  11. On The Way
  12. Stricken By Fate
  13. Reign Of Fire
  14. Betty '79
  15. People
  16. Get Lost
  17. Nothing Between The Ears
  18. Pirates
  19. Medieval Nightmares (Bonus-CD)
  20. Long Before I Die (Live-Video) (Bonus-CD)
  21. March Of The Saint (Live-Video) (Bonus-CD)
  22. Reign Of Fire (Video) (Bonus-CD)
  23. Last Train Home (Video) (Bonus-CD)
Armored Saint - Nod To The Old School
A band nods to their fans and its own past. ARMORED SAINT have dug deep within the treasure-chests and produced a few rare tracks that they now offer to the public. You can think about something like that as you may, what we get here is a feast for any connoisseur of traditional US-Metal.

But let's start at the beginning. What you'll get here are two brand-new songs, "Real Swagger" and "Unstable", which stand in a direct line with the tracks of their comeback-album "Revelation", a completely new version of the band-classic "March Of The Saint" and two cover-versions of Robin Trower ("Day Of The Eagle"), which doesn't really hit my taste, but that problem lies within the original, and JUDAS PRIEST ("Never Satisfied").

Then we have a brilliant acoustic version of "Tainted Past" off "Symbol Of Salvation" and two live-renditions of "After Me, The Flood" and "Creepy Feelings", before the journey into the past begins, because the rest contains the three songs of the 1983 debut-EP, one song from those sessions, and six further tracks off the demos from the years 1988 and 1989, which never had been released this way, especially the original-version of "Reign Of Fire" is standing out here.

And who has the luck to get the limited double-CD-edition, gets one more song off the 1989 demo and four (!) video-clips, two live ("Long Before I Die" and "March Of The Saint") and the regular vids "Reign Of Fire" and "Last Train Home", which had been aired by MTV a few times back then, plus biography, infos, game and so on.

Like always there will be some people, who will accuse the band of trying to make money out of old stuff, but for fans of the band this release is almost essential and all of you, who do not know the band yet, this is a good opportunity of getting a look at both the past and the present.

Alexander Melzer

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