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Temple Of Blood - Overlord (8,5/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 40:10
Band homepage: Temple Of Blood


  1. Descent Into Treachery
  2. Behind The Inverted Star
  3. Summon The Accused
  4. Fearsome Warrior
  5. Illusion Of Control
  6. Black Day Of Execution
  7. Pawn Of The Lair
  8. Harbinger
  9. Forbidden Evil
  10. Anthem To The Unseen
  11. The Return 
Temple Of Blood - Overlord

TEMPLE OF BLOOD have had their second album out for a while and the three years that it took them were worth it. But will the fans of their debut see it the same way?


I am wondering, because in these three years a lot of things have changed. I personally always found that their old material was a little too complex, which shouldn’t mean, though, that the band has gotten any more ear-friendly, no, the band still frickles the hell out of their instruments, but at least they are a little more accessible than before. But the biggest change lies in the tempo, because the new songs blast the dandruff from your scalp in best Thrash Metal banner. Heavy breaks, insane solos everywhere, who the heck were FORBIDDEN again? Just that the Bay Area Thrashers were way catchier.


But who enjoys bands such as WATCHTOWER and ARCANE, will love this CD, guaranteed. But with “Black Day Of Execution” we even get a little oasis of calm, which does not only remind me of older TROUBLE in the speed department. But after that we are assaulted by the fastest and at the same time straightest song of the album: “Pawn Of The Lair”, a pure Thrasher that doesn’t have to hide behind the cover version “Forbidden Evil” by the already mentioned FORBIDDEN.


So the CD has a lot to offer, given that you are ready to invest a lot of time. But don’t expect a stellar production, because especially the vocals sound somewhat in the background, while the guitars saw off your ears. But on the other side everything sounds really fresh, lively and energetic.

(Online March 2, 2011)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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