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Conquest - End Of Days (8/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Power Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Dark Star Records
Playing time: 49:44
Band homepage: Conquest


  1. Feel My Pain
  2. Secrets Of Life
  3. Walk Alone
  4. Killer Machine
  5. It’s All Over
  6. Annihilation Complete
  7. Stoned Me
  8. Revelation (Soul Keeper)
  9. Forever Free
  10. Empty
  11. End Of Days
Conquest - End Of Days

Having formed more than 20 years ago, one would have thought CONQUEST would have made it by now. This St. Louis, Missouri band recently pumped out their fifth album, “End Of Days,” and is receiving a fair amount of praise for their latest work.


CONQUEST is considered Thrash/Power Metal and clearly represents those genres throughout their album. Being a Thrash Metal fan, I was truly excited to listen to this band, who has played with the likes of MACHINE HEAD; but you must know, this is more Power Metal than Thrash.


Look for melodic tendencies and Thrashy riffs. Although the sound is weaved, the Power Metal vocals emerge and the guitar solos are melodic enough to even impress the guys of HELLOWEEN. Also, note the prominent bass work.


Although the album is a solid release, the negative press they seem to garner the most is from those who have actually met the band, saying they are less than friendly and think quite highly of themselves. This however does not change the fact that they are a talented Thrash/Power Metal band who has made a name for themselves, especially in the Midwest and slowly throughout the Metal world.

(Online February 26, 2009)

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