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Lethargy - Purification (7,5/10) - Great Britain - 2009

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 47:13
Band homepage: Lethargy


  1. Stealth
  2. Bleechin’ Bones
  3. Innocence Serene
  4. A Lost Adoration
  5. Ideal Orphans
  6. 14:9
  7. I See Man’s End In His Construction
  8. Convenient Ignorant America
  9. Inertia
  10. Purification
  11. Fragile Crystal Dream
Lethargy - Purification

With interesting vocals and a serious Grunge influence, LETHARGY has brought us “Purification.” They call themselves “the Grunge of 2008 with a political bent,” which is better than I could have said it.


LETHARGY hails from South Wales and “Purification” is their first album to be released on a label. Having been friends for years, the Modern Grunge group has found success not only in local clubs, but on the international airwaves.


The intro guitar work on “Stealth” is a teaser to the rest of the album and its contorted guitar sounds. Do not expect clean guitar work, this is Grunge; however, you will find stellar guitar work from beginning to end. As aforementioned, the vocals are intriguing, from one song to the next, the vocals adapt to the music, making them simply an extension of each instrument, something many bands cannot do.


In a nutshell: LETHARGY is a talented Grunge/Rock band that delivers and delivers well.

(Online February 27, 2009)

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