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Wandering Midget, The - The Serpent Coven (9/10) - Finland - 2008

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Eyes Like Snow
Playing time: 54:22
Band homepage: Wandering Midget, The


  1. Pillars Of Sapiris
  2. Taynia
  3. Family Curse
  4. The Thing From The Black Reef
  5. Bring Forth The Accused
  6. The Serpent Coven
Wandering Midget, The - The Serpent Coven

The Finnish trio with the nice band name is standing far apart from the current hip streams or trends in the heavy sector. With that name you could play pretty much anything, but our friends play Doom Metal, but not any of the really catchy stuff, but fairly complex and epic material. You could think that you are listening to the small, ugly, humpbacked and deformed brother of REVEREND BIZARRE. Other than the godfathers of SABBATH and PENTAGRAM, they are the only band that I can come up with when trying to compare them to anyone…


But still THE WANDERING MIDGET sound different, even original, which can mainly be attributed to the elegiac, highly emotional and pretty willful vocals, which will not exclusively garner rave reviews, but people who also like the more obscure stuff will love the vocals on this album. The band also has a weakness for many breaks and twists, so no slow motion to fall asleep to. For narrow-minded purists: Be careful!


Regular mainstream Metalheads should skip to the next review, you will never understand what makes this band exceptional or exalted. As already mentioned, these song monuments will need some time until they will have their hooks firmly embedded, but then you will have to admit that this is a very thought through and for Doom “original” band. Thumbs up!

(Online July 27, 2011)

Ralf Henn

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