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Demonstration, The - Accidents With Intelligence (9/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Mediaskare
Playing time: 45:05
Band homepage: Demonstration, The


  1. A Broadcast To The Breathing
  2. The Marionette
  3. Deadpan
  4. A Very Calculating Snake
  5. Car Rides
  6. We're All Alone; We're All Lonely
  7. Character Flaws
  8. From Los Angeles To Nashville
  9. Pretty Bones
  10. Acceptance (Wear Your Choices Like A Crown)
  11. Golden Hour
  12. How's It Going To Be
Demonstration, The - Accidents With Intelligence

THE DEMONSTRATION are just simply one of those bands that “get” Metalcore. Metalcore bands are pretty well a dime a dozen these days, especially in the north-east of the USA. Many bands can never find a good balance of the heavy and the melodic, or the breakdown and the lead line, or the scream and the clean... you get the idea.

The fact is that THE DEMONSTRATION achieve a Metalcore equilibrium on their second album, “Accidents With Intelligence”. Its clear after only the first couple songs that the band know what they are doing, seamlessly mixing heavy riffs, breakdowns, and harsh vocals with more melodic harmonized riffs, progressions, and clean vocals. The band also does an excellent job of keeping away from the sometimes cheesy clean, ballad like choruses (ala KILLSWITCH ENGAGE), they totally rock, and there's so much well placed variety within the songs, they fit in and feel perfectly natural.

Many Metalcore bands feel like a cut and paste job of the heavy and the melodic, and that is not true with THE DEMONSTRATION, who brilliant weave all the typical things of the genre into one inspired web of an album. That isn't to say that the band push the genre in a new direction, or take from a wide range of inspiration; those who don't enjoy metalcore at all, probably won't be won over by this album. But it is difficult to imagine a fan of metalcore not enjoying this album through and through, and for that reason, it is highly recommended.

(Online March 3, 2009)

Brodie Widdifield

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