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Funeral Inception - Anthems Of Disenchantment (6/10) - Indonesia - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Warpath
Playing time: 44:35
Band homepage: Funeral Inception


  1. ...Of Banished And Depraved Existence
  2. Man Destined To Fail
  3. Bathing Your Soul With Gore Tears
  4. Violence Speaks Louder Than Words
  5. Unrecognizable Mutilations
  6. Sons of the Unclean
  7. Holy Halls Of Paranoia
  8. I Am My Own Enemy
  9. Planting The Seeds Of Hate
  10. Slices Of Flesh Are Being Devoured
Funeral Inception - Anthems Of Disenchantment
FUNERAL INCEPTION bring us their debut 10-song full-length "Anthems Of Disenchantment" via the French label Warpath Records. Hailing from Indonesia, they play a fairly technical form of Brutal Death/Grindcore in the CRYPTOPSY/SUFFOCATION-vein, and I must admit that F.I. don't do a bad job of emulating the masters. I expected much worse after perusing through the songtitles and lyrics (e.g. "I was almost be a human, but now I don't even know what am I?"), but musically, it ain't half bad!

Let's cover the bad first (aside from aforementioned titles/lyrics)...the vocals - ouch! My advice: sing from your throat, not your colon. I know it's en vogue to fart the vocals in Death Metal, but farts this bad will indubitably melt the microphone, plus the stand. Secondly, and you knew it was coming, the drumming, while not too bad technically (though some metronome work might help), has that Orville Redenbacher's popcorn snare-sound which seems so popular these days, why I have no idea. Other than that, the guitar sound is nice and menacing, and the production makes the grade...

Musically, the band utilizes some rousing, chaotic song-structures, at times reminding of "Erosion Of Sanity"-era GORGUTS with the added brutality found on "Pierced From Within" (SUFFOCATION) and a pinch of "None So Vile" (CRYPTOPSY) for that added "grindy" flair. It is very derivative stuff, but they do an admirable job of varying the tempos and mixing up the dynamics in the riffs so as to keep the listener guessing, such as in "I Am My Own Enemy" which features an adorable little Prog-riff ala DREAM THEATER, or "Planting The Seeds Of Hate" which has some interesting harmonic slashes reminiscent of the great "Obscura"-opus (GORGUTS). They also utilize a fair amount of harmonized 4ths and 5ths in the riffs, which I am a sucker for. Not a bad job from the stringsters, but as is so common in this genre, the drummer and vocalist have some catching up to do if the band is to make it to the next level.

Overall, I had expected much worse from an Indonesian band, but my hat goes off to FUNERAL INCEPTION for at least giving it a shot and not landing flat on their heads in the process. There is definitely much room for improvement, but overall, it could be worse... (Online November 25, 2002)

Gabriel Gose

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