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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - UNLIGHT - Death Consecrates With Blood

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Unlight - Death Consecrates With Blood (7,5/10) - Germany - 2009

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 45:55
Band homepage: Unlight


  1. Death Consecrates With Blood >mp3
  2. Becoming The Ungodly Sin
  3. That Old Black Magic Spell
  4. The Passing Of The Black Storms
  5. Carnal Baptism
  6. Dancing Upon The Bones Of A Naïve Perception
  7. Bestow The Blessings Of Hell Upon Us
  8. Enthrone Night
  9. Mendacious Messiah
  10. Dead Angel Innocence
Unlight - Death Consecrates With Blood

It's been some time since this raven flew forth from frozen fjords and winged its way towards the corruption of more populated areas. These days UNLIGHT bristle with bullets as much as they do spikes, “Thrashing Black Metal” it says on their myspunk and thrashing Black Metal it is.

Raising their banner from the start, the title track tears away with full on ferocity, spitting fiery riffs amongst the fury, you immediately sense that this album is going to take its toll on your ears. Unapologetically fleet as the opener is, it soon introduces lashings of thrashings and mixes the Black with the whack in varying proportions, all of which are as intense as such a flammable concoction should be. All is fell then? Yes it is, however, UNLIGHT don't have the same coating of shit and soot that some of the Black Thrash brigade do, their blade still manages to gleam with a certain brightness, due to the clarity of the production.

UNLIGHT demonstrate a competence in weaving the fabrics of the two genres together, inevitably the threads show thicker for one or the other on a frequent basis but “Death Consecrates With Blood” remains a Black Metal record. Occasionally the amalgam throws up other directions and there are moments that wouldn't sound out of place on an AMON AMARTH track but the prevailing gale mostly blows out from the depths and occasionally from the tavern. Seeing as it's more portent than beer tent, the album manages to imbue a sense of devilry and the track titles are backed up by the general atmosphere of the music.

After the preliminary promise of preposterous pace, the dynamics actually tend to balance out through the album and the blazers are tempered with more mid-paced momentum, personally I would have preferred a tad more of the fast and furious but at least when it comes the lack makes it all the more welcome. Thankfully throughout, this album maintains an energy, the drums remain emphatic whether they are blasting past or just punching the walls and the lick of flame from the lead guitar is ever present causing a fair amount of blistering in the process. The fact that UNLIGHT revere the riff as opposed to digging the dirge ensures that this is an eventful leap into the fray, with plenty to keep the listener occupied. The Thrash may be your friend but the vocals rabid snarl leave you in no doubt that you shouldn't turn your back, spewing spite, they also hold a contempt that leaves you in no doubt that these songs are not lacking in dark intent.

Quite a convincing collision of Black and Thrash then, there's no confusion of identity, this Metal is happy to breathe fire at one end and to to suffer a beer and vindaloo induced ring of fire at the other, what more do you need to know?

(Online March 11, 2009)

Niall MacCartney

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