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Mähdrescher - Seelenbegräbnis (7,5/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Death Metal / Black Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 12:45
Band homepage: Mähdrescher


  1. In den Ruinen Der Existenz
  2. Durch Die Dunkelheit
  3. Interlude
  4. Von Vergangenen Ewigkeiten
Mähdrescher - Seelenbegräbnis

I understand that German MÄHDRESCHER have faced some flak due to their name, which translated means harvest combine, but the rather, hm, odd name should in no way keep you from giving this EP a spin, as we are treated to some very nicely dynamic Black/Death Metal, always melodic, showing the six years of honing the skills between their inception in 2000, with the only real setback being the very short playing time of not even 13 minutes.


Opener “In Den Ruinen Der Existenz“ sets out with an almost melancholic introduction, melodic and slow-paced, before turning up the Melodic Black Metal foundation and mixing this atmosphere with some edgy Melodic Death Metal. Is it original? Not necessarily, but it is definitely very well done, with sharp melodies, good riffing, very nice dynamics and the dual vocal approach, which shows that there is quite some potential lurking in the septet. “Durch Die Dunkelheit” continues the amalgamation of the two styles, but shows a lot of maturity by also taking the heaviness out completely for a calm interlude before cranking it right back up, everything aided by the good production that definitely allows the details to come through. Not really counting the acoustic interlude “Interlude”, the MCD is closed off by “Von Vergangenen Ewigkeiten”, which further strengthens the very positive impression of “Seelenbegräbnis”.


Now there is one big dark cloud above this EP, no matter how much promise it shows and no matter how much I like it – the band called it quits last year, which is a true shame given the quality of the song material contained. If you like this kind of sound, try your utmost to search out “Seelenbegräbnis”, because it is an underground gem that is still worth to be discovered. And maybe they might come back...

(Online March 9, 2009)

Alexander Melzer

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