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Dark Tranquillity - Haven (9/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 43:07
Band homepage: Dark Tranquillity


  1. The Wonders At Your Feet
  2. Not Built To Last
  3. Indifferent Suns
  4. Feast Of Burden
  5. Haven
  6. The Same
  7. Fabric
  8. Ego Drama
  9. Rundown
  10. Emptier Still
  11. At Loss For Words
Dark Tranquillity - Haven
IN FLAMES and DARK TRANQUILLITY, two bands that had started out at roughly the same time and that also played a similar style back then. In the meantime both bands have released their fifth albums each and have drifted apart in sound, but still are both at the top of Swedish Metal.

Last year's model "Projector" had caused quite a stir within the scene, because Mikael Stanne had used his dark, clean voice quite often and also some Gothic elements had been incorporated into their sound.

"Haven" again sounds different, just like you are used of DARK TRANQUILLITY by now, this time they even have used electronics, but all that want to run screaming now should calm down again, any of these elements have been used only for the good of the songs and even a reputed electronics-allergic like myself cannot say anything negative about it.

Altogether they sound as mature as never before, with the song-structures being even more intricate, yet still retaining the necessary heaviness, combining heavy guitars with catchy riffs, accessible choruses with demanding passages, like tracks like "The Wonders At Your Feet", "Fabric" or "Ego Drama" clearly show, to name but a few. "Rundown" is one of the very few songs that still remind of the wild beginnings, but also sounds more mature than those.

Oh yes, the vocals... Apart from a slightly distorted passage at the beginning of "Emptier Still", Mikael Stanne's Death Metal-roar has returned over the whole album, poising an interesting contrast to the music.

So, DARK TRANQUILLITY 2000 again sound different than before, but still are on the same high level of quality as before and that is the bottom line!

Alexander Melzer

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