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Vintersorg - Till Fjälls (9/10) - Sweden - 1998

Genre: Folk Metal / Black Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 40:15
Band homepage: Vintersorg


  1. Rundans
  2. För Kung Och Fosterland
  3. Vildmarkens Förtrollande Stämmor
  4. Till Fjälls
  5. Urberget, Äldst Av Troner
  6. Hednad I Ulvermånens Tecken
  7. Jökeln
  8. Isjungfrun
  9. Asatider
  10. Fångad Utav Nordens Själ
Vintersorg - Till Fjälls
After the "Hedniskhjärtad"-EP I had been really looking forward to the first complete VINTERSORG-album and "Till Fjälls" truly has turned out to be what I had hoped for - and then some.

The DigiPak alone already more than hinted at VINTERSORG being more than the typical Sweden-Black with its white colour, but the mixture of Black-Metallic steel, atmospheric keyboard- and piano-passages and strongly Folk-influenced melodies unfolds a rare beauty.

And the mixture of all these ingredients is what makes VINTERSORG something so special, fast Melodic Black Metal meets tons of Folk-induced melodies and sparingly used Black-croaking breaks through Vintersorg's truly unique passionate vocals, which makes each composition unmistakeable VINTERSORG. And the balance is just perfect, no element is neglected or pushed into the fore, everything is forged to a harmonic whole.

As feature-tracks I'd name "För Jung Och Fosterland" with its short interlude of the "Hall Of The Mountain King"-theme by Edvard Grief, "Till Fjälls" with its intense atmosphere, musically melodic Black Metal with the clear vocals and piano in the background, brilliant (!), "Hednad I Ulvermånens Tecken", only consisting of piano and vocals, "Isjungfrun", which is ennobled by Cia Hedmark's great soprano and the closing "Fångad Utav Nordens Själ" with its great chorus.

Here you will get Metal with passion and dedication as you will not find often!

Alexander Melzer

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