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Holy Moses - Finished With The Dogs (9,5/10) - Germany - 1987

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Aaarrg
Playing time: 35:52
Band homepage: Holy Moses


  1. Finished With The Dogs
  2. Current Of Death
  3. Criminal Assault
  4. In The Slaughterhouse
  5. Fortress Of Desperation
  6. Six Fat Women
  7. Corroded Dreams
  8. Life’s Destroyer
  9. Rest In Pain
  10. Military Service
  11. Road Crew
Holy Moses - Finished With The Dogs

After listening to the somewhat un-Thrashy debut from HOLY MOSES, I didn’t know really what to expect from the back catalog. At some point they became the Thrash titans that they are today but for someone that is becoming familiar with the band I didn’t know when or to what extent. But luckily for a Thrash fan, they quickly changed their direction of sound and on their sophomore album, “Finished With The Dogs”, the band goes straight for the throat Thrash Metal style.


Where their debut was good, this album is great. I would even go as far to say as its near perfect except for a few small things. The band fires off on every layer to “Finished With The Dogs” and the chemistry with the members seems to be even tighter than before, which is ironic considering that half the band (bass and drums) had been replaced for this album. Whatever the reasons though, it works beautifully.


Even with the band tightening and speeding up their style outrageously on this album, their song writing has only gotten better. Almost every song is destined for HOLY MOSES fame and a handful of them (the title track, “Current Of Death”, and “Fortress Of Desperation” for example) are going to remain on the play list for years to come and they will never fade into the past. The razor sharp riffing and solos courtesy of Andy Classen match intensities with the new and improved rhythm section that Thrashes out Punk influenced foundations. Throwing the ever growing Sabina growls on top and this release will not only become a staple in one’s collection but a centerpiece.


Granted, the production is still quite rough, although it does have its 1987 charm still attached, and another version of “Road Crew” is added to the end of the album with Andy doing a very impressive Lemmy impression on the lead vocals. Both of these elements can both hinder and support how great this album is but either way it’s not enough to truly deny how damn good the rest of “Finished With The Dogs” is.


Honestly, if you are a Thrash fan, then this is a must have for you. No questions or excuses – it is a must have. It is pure classic from opening to close and one of the best of the band’s somewhat short catalog. It thrashes, it bashes, and the entire time you’ll have a monster grin on your face.


Songs to check out: “Current Of Death”, “Life’s Destroyer”, “Finished With The Dogs”.

(Online April 3, 2009)

Matt Reifschneider

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