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Ephrat - No One's Words (8,5/10) - Israel - 2008

Genre: Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 59:38
Band homepage: Ephrat


  1. The Show
  2. Haze
  3. Better Than Anything
  4. Blocked
  5. The Sun Of Damage Done
  6. Real
Ephrat - No One's Words

Israel isn´t exactly known for its Metal and Rock music, or even music in the true sense, but here´s a rare case with EPHRAT. Guitarist and multi instrumentalist Omer Ephrat is the sole songwriter in the band and his visions possess a fair amount of uniqueness, which is heard on “No One´s Words”. While Omer has written most of the music, some people have aided him on his journey. Most notable of these personas would be Steven Wilson (PORCUPINE TREE) handling the mixing and mastering duties, while Daniel Gildenløw (PAIN OF SALVATION) and Petronella Nettermalm (PAATOS) lend their highly sought after vocal chords.


Six songs and nearly an hour of music, that´s saying something about what you´re in for... A LOT!  There´s nothing immediate with this album, even if it has lots of catchy songwriting, it slips away from any coherent definition of any musical genre. The core of every song draws inspiration from nearly all era´s of progressive music and various atmospheric bands such as PORCUPINE TREE, while still having the showmanship of say DREAM THEATER.


Also predominant in every song is the mediterrenean feel in some parts, especially the flute arrangements add a certain unique flair to the tracks, almost spiritual, like it could resolve the vast conflicts that plague the holy land. Beside having Gildenløw and Nettermalm´s voices on the album, the lead vocals are done by Lior Seker, who does a good job and all, but it feels like he´s lost among the countless passages; don´t know if that´s good or bad, I guess that´s the price to pay when dealing with epic and progressive Rock sounds.


There´s no point in describing the songs with further details, as this is a demanding journey through all things progressive and experimental, I wonder if this is a one time affair or if we´ll hear more. If there is to be no further releases under this monicker, it will only make this album more special.


For those in search of music that defies true definition!

(Online April 8, 2009)

Frodi Stenberg

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