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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - DEEPRED - Prophetic Luster

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Deepred - Prophetic Luster (9/10) - Finland - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Forensick Music
Playing time: 30:45
Band homepage: Deepred


  1. Hi-Speed Confusion
  2. Multiple Errors
  3. Dismissed From Life
  4. Luster
  5. In Cold Blood
  6. A Song For The Lovers
  7. A Relentless Path
  8. Homogenous World
  9. All Will See Rebirth
Deepred - Prophetic Luster
DEEPRED are a Finnish band, and they sound n-o-t-h-i-n-g like STRATOVARIUS, SENTENCED, or CHILDREN OF BO(RE)DOM. Let us all kick back a few gallons of ale and rejoice at this beautiful fact for a moment (sidenote: two song-titles from the forthcoming COB-album: "Bodom Beach Terror" and "Little Bloodred Ridin' Hood"....I have not the words).

DEEPRED go straight for the gut. Shove-the-eyeballs-out-the-rectum. Death. Fucking. Metal. Played in the North American vein, with some Quebecois flare added to the riffs at times (ala CRYPTOPSY), DEEPRED do an excellent job of varying the tempos and textures in each song, keeping the listener constantly guessing and rarely, if ever, bored. The riffs are of the highest calibre, sounding very SUFFOCATION-y at times, foreboding and very dissonant, yet memorable after a few spins. In the context of the clever song-structures, the technicality in the riffs does not come off as pretentious by any means. Quite plainly, this is Brutal Death Metal with SOUL. The songwriting actually shows an attention paid to the mood and vibe, and in the song-structures one feels a great sense of continuity between each section. Instead of simply saying "Hey, let's play fast and technical guys!", they actually make a concerted effort to write advanced, technical songs with varied passages that flow into one another, instead of hitting a brick wall at each riff-change or playing non-stop blast beats which go nowhere and say nothing.

The performance and production are both excellent as well, with a powerful, crunchy guitar sound which is appropriately menacing at the tremolo-picked parts. A characteristic "timbale" snare sound, reminding of the sound achieved on "None So Vile" (though technically this guy isn't in Flo's league just yet). The vocals definitely fit the style of DEEPRED like a glove, sounding somewhere between Lord Worm and Glen Benton. The bassist even gets some love in the middle of "A Relentless Path," where he rips out some exquisitely serpentine DiGiorgio-inspired licks. Fuck yes!!!

Intensely gratifying Death Metal from the Northernmost regions, I am a pig in shit. (Online November 28, 2002)

Gabriel Gose

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