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Vintersorg - Hedniskhjärtad (8,5/10) - Sweden - 1998

Genre: Folk Metal / Black Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 21:11
Band homepage: Vintersorg


  1. Norrland
  2. Stilla
  3. Norrskensdrömmer
  4. Hednaorden
  5. Tussmörkret
Vintersorg - Hedniskhjärtad
Wow! That I may witness this, a truly original and unique debut! Vintersorg, vocalist of Folk Metal-band OTYG, graces us with five songs, in a style that had not been used before indeed.

Melodic Black Metal (including the typical vocals) meets clean, deep and passionate singing and tons of folky melodies, which as a whole enchant you into the world of VINTERSORG, just listen to the opener "Norrland", here harmonic variability is the key!

Contrary to OTYG VINTERSORG do(es) not use original folk-songs, but use them as influences for the compositions, which are a good bit heavier than OTYG's, what I actually prefer.

In the course of time VINTERSORG has further refined and enriched the sound, so who wants to hear the roots of this extraordinary project has found what he/she desired with "Hedniskjärtad" (Heathenheart).

Alexander Melzer

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