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Riger - Des Blutes Stimme (8/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Pagan Metal
Label: CCP
Playing time: 46:46
Band homepage: Riger


  1. Des Blutes Stimme
  2. Irminsul
  3. Auf die Ahnen!
  4. Wjerewulf
  5. Homo Decadencia
  6. Im Grauen der Nächte
  7. Teutonenzorn
  8. Woutes Heer
  9. Im Gedenken...
Riger - Des Blutes Stimme
2002, and the warriors of RIGER are back with their third album "Des Blutes Stimme". I don't know their second work (finally, you can't buy everything you want to have), so I only can compare it with their debut "Der Wanderer" of 1997. But there changed a lot.

First of all, you recognize that the keyboards are missing completely. Also the harsh Black Metal screams has changed into blackened, rather Death Metal like Vocals. The music is mostly played in mid-tempo, relaxed by some little speed breaks. Although they guys from Frankfurt/Oder have not such a candy tune like "Autodafé" before, but with the time, songs like the pretty catchy, with remarkable leadguitars ennobled "Auf die Ahnen!", the titlesong, whose chorus shows some paralels to the bridge of CREMATORY's "Take", or "Teutonenzorn", which reminds me of elder SAMAEL, turn into damn great songs.

Oh, who associates their pagan lyrics with the Nazi-period, should think about it and recognize that the lyrics only tell historical stuff and the acting of the German ancestors! With much bad intention, one can find such nonsense also in lyrics of many Metalbands like MANOWAR, SACRED STEEL, VIKING, ENSLAVED etc!

Well, who can imagine less bombastic FALKENBACH and/or likes the elder THYRFING, won't do anything wrong with the new RIGER CD. (Online February 24, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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