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Into The Moat - The Campaign (5/10) - USA - 2009

Genre: Metalcore / Deathcore
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 42:05
Band homepage: -


  1. The Last Century
  2. From 1,000 Meters
  3. Advocate v Activist
  4. The Fuhrer
  5. Grunt
  6. Law Of Conservation
  7. The Siege Of Orleans
  8. The Hermit
Into The Moat - The Campaign

With Deathcore being the main staple of mainstream Metal at this point in time, it’s not surprising that a lot of bands are going to be signed that play the genre, but are far from being the best of the genre. At least that’s how I felt about the sophomore release from Florida’s INTO THE MOAT.


I can’t even say that “The Campaign” is all that bad of an album…had it been released 3 years ago. The band just sounds like a hundred other bands that are playing Deathcore at this point and they don’t give the listener anything to really remember this release by. This factor of ‘un-uniqueness’ is by far the greatest speed-bump that INTO THE MOAT suffers from.


Luckily, the band isn’t a complete waste of listening time for a genre that is already far oversaturated in the market. The band has some surprisingly competent moments performance wise and even some tricks up their song writing sleeves. I must start by saying that despite the Deathcore tag, this band only flirts with Death Metal influences mostly in the vocal department (which quickly becomes monotonous) and with some of the drumming. The band still resides mostly in the Metalcore realm but it’s the other oddball influences that came as a surprise. For example, the song “Grunt” has a wonderful Prog element to it and the Jazzy mid section of the song came out of nowhere and made the song instantly memorable in the rather mediocre album. Unfortunately, this Prog influence tends to be too far in-between in the writing and doesn’t lift the album significantly from the hole it sits in making one pine for another section to take you by surprise.


It’s too bad that this band just allows the album to suffer from the mediocrity of the genre. This album is just a few years behind in the trend and by this time, we’ve already heard it all. The band has some great tech work on their instruments but the writing hinders them from really showing themselves as a band that won’t disappear when Deathcore falls from the mainstream.


Songs to check out: “Grunt” and “The Siege Of Orleans”.

(Online April 25, 2009)

Matt Reifschneider

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